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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

Eric and I took a Ferry Ride along the Sydney Harbor to Manly Beach, a beach just north of Sydney's city center. The Ferry ride was about 30 minutes with great views of the city, the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

I read that the beach was named Manly beach by a Captain who found the aboriginal people he encountered on the island manly.

A swimming area along the boardwalk

This was one of the coves on Manly Beach. The shore was full of little broken shells, hence the name, Shelley Beach. Again, not the most creative in naming conventions. The water was calm and crystal clear, a good place for snorkeling.

Apparently, penguins live in warm places too.

We thought we'd wait to see a penguin, but sadly, we never found one.

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  1. What great pictures. I saw in your other post that you went on one of the blue mountains tours. How was that? Any suggestions on things to do or see while on the tours? I am glad you posted so many great blogs about your trip to Australia, since I am planning my vacation in the fall, maybe I can get some ideas. Thanks so much for your post.