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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Good Life and the Adventure

Pam and I always give ourselves mottos to live by, or rather slogans to describe our lives. Because our good attitude is what's behind the wheel, and the description is what follows as a reminder of our good choices. Hah, always congratulating ourselves half tongue in cheek. Lately it's been "The Good Life" because that's what we're always telling ourselves we're living. Here in San Francisco we're having a great time. Living in the city is the best. Amazing food, art, music, hiking, camping. It's close to Tahoe, so you can snowboard great mountains if you want. Even walking to the corner for groceries and cooking together at home is reason for a celebration of our good fortune. The down side is that it's expensive to live here, and we feel like we spend entirely too much time paddling without going anywhere. We get by fine and feel like we take full advantage of our free time here, but realize this isn't the only place in the world we can live like this. The other thing is the weather. Kind of cold a lot of the time.

We came up with another slogan: "The Adventure," to describe our life in the near future as we move to Thailand to teach English and experience a new way of living. Yes, of course beautiful beaches and 80 degree ocean water contributed to our choosing that location. Also the modest cost of living and relaxed pace are appealing and worth a hearty first hand test drive. Currently we're in this in-between slogan stage, still living the good life, but preparing to embark on the adventure. Maybe I should come up with a title for this period... nah, this period will be over before we know it.

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  1. So, three amazing years later and y'all are developing your careers in sunny London. I read your mission statement again just now and cried.