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Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Pizza in San Francisco - Ranked

1 - Golden Boy
2 - Little Star
3 - Mythic
4 - Irving
5 - Paxis
6 - Marcellos
7 - Escape from New York
8 - Goat Hill

Golden Boy - North Beach
Square pan Chicago style, served by the slice.

Little Star - Mission, Nopa
Restaurant style, 2 versions: thick or thin, you must try the signature thick -- sauce on top! Thin is like a cracker.

Mythic - Lower Haight
Served by the slice, gourmet topping configurations, and lots of 'em!

Irving Pizza - Sunset, Tenderloin, Marina
Served by the slice. Sunset location is the best; Marina gives you have the size of the slice. Close to New York Style.

Paxis - Hayes Valley
Restaurant style, thick or thin, thick takes about an hour, thin is better anyway. Nice quality pizza.

Marcellos - Castro
Served by the slice. Close to New York style. Traditional thin pizza.

Escape from New York - Upper Haight, Castro
Served by the slice. Close to New York style. Gourmet topping configurations. Better on Haight street -- the hippies take pride in their work. Sometimes employees at the Castro location, feeling a bit depressed from a recent heartbreak, may lazily dump your slice on the counter without warming it up. :p

Goat Hill - Potrero Hill
Restaurant style, nice location looking down at the city at night ;) thin style with slightly crispy chewy crust. Monday neighborhood night all you can eat.