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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arsenal, London, UK

Our campus sits right next to the stadium where Arsenal football (soccer) team plays. Tonight there was a match. It was kind of exciting riding my bike through and past to school, with vendors camped out selling food and merchandise. Excited fans headed in to get their seats. Periodically during my scriptwriting class we could hear the crowd's roar. Campus security interrupted toward the end of class to tell us the school needed to close immediately. The game wasn't going well and they expected dangerous fans in the streets shortly. We were all to head home before the game ended. This seemed an excessive precaution, but we followed instructions. Some classmates had planned to go to the pub after class but changed their minds, thinking they'd be over-crowded and uncomfortable. I zipped home and avoided the traffic, but kind of wished I'd seen what action was to spill onto the streets.

The next week there was another game during class. No warning this time, and I had stayed late to do some work. When I left school, roads had been shut off to cars and a flood of people filled the streets channeling away from the stadium. I was able to weave through them on my bike without too much trouble. And there was no threat at all -- families and happy fans.

The following week, another game, so Pam and I came down early before my class to leech some tailgating fun. Trailer-stand burger/sausage vendors pop up along the streets around the stadium. It's a fun atmosphere and you get to feel the excitement and energy of the event.