The Clips and Trips blog was put together in preparation for our leaving the U.S. on an indefinite world travel adventure which started around August of 2009 and returned us home in December of 2012. If you want to see where it all began, read our mission statement from before we left.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chiang Mai Attractions, Thailand

One of the biggest attractions in Chiang Mai is the zipline. We were attached to cables high in the jungle and cruised our way down, going from treetop to treetop.

We also went to an Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai. We saw how the elephants bathed, watched them play soccer with one another, paint pictures, massage their trainers, and play the harmonica.

The landscape portrait was later sold for 6000 baht (roughly $180).

Then, there were the monkeys... Chiang Mai monkeys can exercise, identify numerals, and ride tricycles.

Culinary Adventures, Pai, Thailand

When we first arrived in Thailand, we were a little disappointed by the Thai food in Bangkok. I think mostly because we were equating it with American Thai food, which is cleaner, less oily, and uses more identifiable meat products.

The food in Northern Thailand has really been fun to explore. Street food is clean and offers interesting and tasty bites. The typical Thai fare is just like what you'd expect in the states. The northern dishes are really unique in flavor. We've been tasting things that we've never even seen or heard of before. Their curries are very similar to an Indian curry and vegetarian food is abundant here. We ate at this Vegetarian restaurant where the owner also offered cooking classes. It was probably the best Thai we've had. We're actually planning on ordering her cookbook when we get back.

May Kaiedee's Thai Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook

Street food has been particularly fun. It's clean, really cheap, and offers a lot of interesting and tasty bites. Eric and I have become addicted to banana pancakes. It's pretty much a deep fried crepe stuffed with whatever combination of sweets you desire and then smothered with condensed milk. We always opt for a peanut butter and banana, extra crispy.

Our other favorite type of street food is similar to a corn fritter. It's sticky rice with corn and coconut shavings shaped into little coins and fried up.

Of course, the curious meat is still available. See the green hot dog below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Route Update Map

We've finished up with our exotic beach tour, moving from Indonesia back to Thailand to explore the south -- Phuket and the Phi Phi islands on the Andaman side, then over to the gulf for Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. Then we took a ferry and a bus back up to Bangkok, and a train to Chiang Mai in the north, leaving the beaches behind. It was great swimming every day, but we're ready for a dramatic geographical change.

I'm posting a map that identifies the general regions and order of of our travels so far.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Here are a few more quick pics from our tour around the islands south of Phuket -- Ko Khai, Phi Phi Ley, and Phi Phi Don. Again, world class snorkeling.

Phuket, Thailand

We made it back into Thailand, flying straight into Phuket. Here are a few quick shots from Patong and Karon, the beach cities where we stayed.

Patong at sunset, and night life on Bangla street.

Soi means street in Thai.

Karon Beach
We caught some fantastic sunsets.

Honorable Mention, Thailand

When we first arrived in SE Asia, I got such a kick out of the misspellings, unintentional plays on words, and other oddities found on signs in public places. I spent so much time laughing about screwy English. At this point my amusement has subsided considerably, realizing unusual language is everywhere in this part of the world. But still, every once in a while, I can't help myself, and I must snap a photo. This one was found in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

This delicious offering was found on a menu in Chaweng Beach, Ko Samui, Thailand.