The Clips and Trips blog was put together in preparation for our leaving the U.S. on an indefinite world travel adventure which started around August of 2009 and returned us home in December of 2012. If you want to see where it all began, read our mission statement from before we left.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Honorable Mention, Thailand

When we first arrived in SE Asia, I got such a kick out of the misspellings, unintentional plays on words, and other oddities found on signs in public places. I spent so much time laughing about screwy English. At this point my amusement has subsided considerably, realizing unusual language is everywhere in this part of the world. But still, every once in a while, I can't help myself, and I must snap a photo. This one was found in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

This delicious offering was found on a menu in Chaweng Beach, Ko Samui, Thailand.


  1. This reminds me of the advertisements from 7Up and those shirts..."7 Up Yours"


  2. maybe the cream in their coffee makes them farty and bloaty.