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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Window Food, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Local Indonesian food is sometimes referred to as window food. A bunch of dishes are prepared and presented in a window. You walk up to the window, point to as many items as you'd like to eat, and it's served on top of a scoop of rice all for 80 cents to a dollar. The local name for this type of food is called Nasi Campur, which translates as mixed rice.

Options are many and plentiful. You can choose from a variety of stir fried veggies, fried crispy foods (calamari, shrimp, dried little fishes), curries, and all sorts of tofu. We've been enjoying Tempe. It's like tofu, but it's firmer and made with whole soy beans.

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  1. oo it's called Nasi! That means rice in kapampangan. I wonder if that's where it's from. Anywho...I'm loving the cheapness of your foods. And how appetizing it looks.

    p.s. it was 75 degrees in SF this past halloween weekend... =P