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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Culinary Adventures, Pai, Thailand

When we first arrived in Thailand, we were a little disappointed by the Thai food in Bangkok. I think mostly because we were equating it with American Thai food, which is cleaner, less oily, and uses more identifiable meat products.

The food in Northern Thailand has really been fun to explore. Street food is clean and offers interesting and tasty bites. The typical Thai fare is just like what you'd expect in the states. The northern dishes are really unique in flavor. We've been tasting things that we've never even seen or heard of before. Their curries are very similar to an Indian curry and vegetarian food is abundant here. We ate at this Vegetarian restaurant where the owner also offered cooking classes. It was probably the best Thai we've had. We're actually planning on ordering her cookbook when we get back.

May Kaiedee's Thai Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook

Street food has been particularly fun. It's clean, really cheap, and offers a lot of interesting and tasty bites. Eric and I have become addicted to banana pancakes. It's pretty much a deep fried crepe stuffed with whatever combination of sweets you desire and then smothered with condensed milk. We always opt for a peanut butter and banana, extra crispy.

Our other favorite type of street food is similar to a corn fritter. It's sticky rice with corn and coconut shavings shaped into little coins and fried up.

Of course, the curious meat is still available. See the green hot dog below.


  1. The corn fritters and pancakes both look delicious, but I think I might lose weight there because I wouldn't be willing to try the stranger things (like a green hot dog, yuk!). You are both living up to your slogan, "the great adventure."

  2. We don't eat those hot dogs either. But we did have a Chiang Mai sausage from another street vendor that was delicious. It tasted like green curry.

  3. I'd totally try the green hotdog if someone else tried it with me! Awesome!!! I was literally LOLing as I read this blog. I love it! "...uses more identifiable meat products" does make you think twice about what goes into certain meat by-products, but then again, this comes from a girl who still eats dinuguan even after learning what it's made out of...I'll eat most anything..haha

  4. Love the pancakes! Try sugar and lime juice. Plain-Jane but its pretty tasty! Chiang Mai memories include sitting in the street and eating chicken noodle soup made up super spicy. I miss the chili vinegar sause that they have on the middle of your table. Mmmmmmmmmmm... You two make me hungry.

    Hey, are you coming out to Taiwan? If so, when are you coming out? I'm stoked!