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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mosquitoes Love Me

August 18, 2009
I don't know why, but mosquitoes love me, and they especially love my eyelids. Anytime my family was in the Philippines, I'd get bitten on my eyelid while I was sleeping. My eyelid would puff up so much that I wouldn't be able to see. My family is accustomed to seeing me like this; they just laugh at me when this happens.

So, here I am in Thailand, and I'm finding that Thai mosquitoes love my eyelids too. Despite the hot weather, I slept in long pants and a t shirt. Any exposed skin was attacked by what I suspect was one mosquito that had been buzzing around the room. It bit me several times on my forehead, once in between my eyebrows, and of course, on my left eyelid. All the bites became swollen. My forehead looks like a Klingon's forehead, and my eye looks like Quasimodo. Eric affectionately nicknamed me Klingmodo.

** Note: I'm not winking in the above photo.


  1. aww ATE!!! you're so's ok, i'm sure your blood won't be so tasty once you've assimilated to the climate and thai foods... =D

  2. Oh, Pam, I know how miserable that can be. The mosquitoes like me too. Can you use a net or DEET spray?

  3. Well, at least now there's proof that you have the juiciest eyelids! You've been quite adventureous over there, and I absolutely LOVE your food shots...keep them coming! =)
    FYI--I got a job and an apartment in San Jose all in 1 day. I have to lug all my stuff to my new place this Sat. and start on Mon. So...I will be visiting you some time this year since I will soon have an income!!!!!! Yay!!! Take care and I miss you both!!!----Lien

  4. guilty! i am the family member who continues to laugh my ass off. sorry dudette. unfortunately i feel your pain. moved out of my old apartment into a new abode in the dog patch district. i was welcomed by mosquito bites at 4 in the morning. happy times. happy times.