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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chit Lom, Bangkok, Thailand

Chit Lom

We took the subway and then the skytrain from our new place in south Lumpini to the Chit Lom area where our course will be held so we could get a visual on it. The subway was incredibly clean and fast, and seemed to be 4 levels deep with different lines. It was very intuitive and easy to figure out how to use it. The skytrain was nice too, and it seems you may often have to use both systems to get to where you're going. Next we'd like to try the water transit system, as the canals look really cool too.

Inside one of the super malls we found a food court that blew our minds. It was so cheap and restaurant quality. We ordered a beautiful crab fried rice and papaya salad and watched while it was prepared fresh on the spot. They sold beer with an interesting tower option that was their version of a pitcher but had a tube down the middle for ice and a dispenser tap.

The area reminded me a lot of Times Square in New York. Mega glitz and electronic video-advertising jumbo-trons all over the place. Many ultra high rise buildings with first rate architecture. What was striking was the economic disparity in the area. You had extremely high end shopping plazas right next to people living in what looked like condemned buildings.

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