The Clips and Trips blog was put together in preparation for our leaving the U.S. on an indefinite world travel adventure which started around August of 2009 and returned us home in December of 2012. If you want to see where it all began, read our mission statement from before we left.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dearest Family and Friends

Thursday, August 20

Thank you so much for reading our blog and posting to it. It's so much fun to get internet access, see our blogs, and read your comments. It really means a lot to us to get to share our adventures and to feel connected with all of you.

Lots of Love


  1. I feel that way too, so connected to you both. Thank you for spending so much time writing and sharing your experiences with us.

  2. Looks like my post failed.
    It went something like this:

    Thanks for the vicarious piggy-back on Thai living!
    I'm a compulsive checker (though not a cleaner), so please know that your words and images are always being seen.

    I hate rewriting a lost post from memory! Nevermind, right? Oh yeah, my mom asked after you two, so I gave her an update from what I've gleaned from this blog. Keep us all informed...