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Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Cycling, London, UK

Our first summer in London was pretty dire, even by London standards. The Guardian reported that it was the coldest summer in 18 years. So the minute the sun came out, we jumped on our bikes and took advantage of the day.

The canals and marshes by our house are some of the best bike rides in London. I tend to forget that we're in a massive, busy, smog filled city when we ride our bikes along these paths.

We discovered that we live by a forest. This is Epping Forest.

The lake at Epping Forest

Summer is blackberry season and we'd often find blackberries ready for picking in any neighborhood of London. These bushes are in the marshes in our neighborhood.

Our collected blackberries

A blackberry Clafoutis, a sort of eggy cake.

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