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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pride in Soho, London, UK

Coming from San Francisco we were familiar with its Pride festival and wanted to see how London's version compared. It's pretty much the exact same thing. Ultra-glamorous outfits here and there, a handful of stages, but mostly blocks and blocks and blocks of drinking and partying in the streets. They were even vending those over-sized sausages. Yes, very funny. I know. Really, the only noticeable difference was the size of the event. London is so much bigger than San Francisco, and consequently the general output for everything is greater. One other notable detail, litter. The streets of London are extremely well trashed. I would say it's in fact a lack of pride, but the quantity of garbage on the street suggests a thoughtfulness, a conscious effort. To be clear, this is something we've noticed all over London any time any place. But the pride demographic isn't any different from the rest of the city. For me, thinking back about my tidy San Francisco and its thoughtful communities...pride.

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