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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Motorcycle Taxis, Bangkok, Thailand

Every neighborhood has a small fleet of boys on scooters waiting to bring you from the main roads to your door step. The buses, subways, and sky-trains will drop you off on the main roads, and if you're too lazy to walk the block or two into your neighborhood to get home, you can pay a few baht to one of these guys and hop on the back of his bike. Every single side street has these guys waiting around on the corner where it meets the major road. The smaller side streets (sois) have just a few guys to cover their neighborhood, and the larger side streets have a long queue of bikers waiting their turn to handle the demand. Interestingly, often you'll see women riding side saddle on the backs of these bikes, which looks horribly precarious to me as the driver zooms off like an eager pizza delivery boy trying to hurry back to pick up his next fare. We have no need to use this service, fortunately we live right off the main road.

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  1. Who knew? I missed so much in my tiny bit of time there; I love hearing about how things work and will pass this on to friends and use this info on my next trip. But ya won't find me sitting side saddle, no day, no way. I'll do like I do in in the other places: write the destination and hand to driver, then squint through my classes, hold on, and pretend I'm in Bullet or the French Connection and hope I get off the bike with at least one functioning leg.