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Friday, September 4, 2009

Fried Rice Balls, Bangkok, Thailand

September 3, 2009

So the cheap food options haven't been what I expected. It tends to be very oily, spicy, sweet, or salty. Plus, proccessed meat is in abundance - entrees are full of proccessed seafood or pork balls, bright pink hot dogs, or other strange unidentifiable meat parts. Don't get me wrong - I love processed meat like Spam and hotdogs. But I do like having real meat more often. I think we're figuring it out now and came across some really really good things, and in one day we had -

For Lunch:
thai/chinese dim sum style food for 65 baht ($2) total for me and Eric

* fried sticky rice balls - green curry flavor and chicken basil
* steamed thick rice noodle stuffed with carrots, bamboo shoots, and green onions (think shrimp wrapped in those thick stacks of noodles at dim sum)
* pan fried version of the above
* egg tart and a corn tart (like an egg tart with corn pieces)

For Dinner:
100 baht ($3) total

* very nice green curry
* fried tofu stir fried with pork and mushrooms

Eric and I were both happy and full at the end of each meal. I'm looking forward to more fried sticky rice balls in my future.


  1. hmmmm.. that sounds good with beer! yummy.