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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paris, France

We love the food in Paris. Seriously, don't eat cheese and bread on the streets. Go in and try some fantastic food in their boutique restaurants. If there is ever a place to splurge a bit on food, this is the city. And it really doesn't have to be that expensive. We had outstanding experiences one after another.

That being said, I must offer a small warning. There is this traditional sausage that they make called the Andouillette. Pam ordered it during our first meal together in the city. French sausage, yep, sure, sounds good (we always share plates). The experience wasn't much unlike stepping in dog shit. Except in this case, I believe it came from a pig and we voluntarily put it into our mouths. It really was that bad. Days later in another restaurant we overheard an American expat translating an entire menu in detail to his visiting friends. When he got to the Andouillette, he said, "This is the only thing that I don't recommend" and he went on to describe it much more delicately.

Otherwise, a lovely, charming city. It was great to revisit it.

This guy's friends tricked him into eating Andouillette sausage. He feels betrayed.

We marked up our map to show the areas of the city that we covered on foot.

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