The Clips and Trips blog was put together in preparation for our leaving the U.S. on an indefinite world travel adventure which started around August of 2009 and returned us home in December of 2012. If you want to see where it all began, read our mission statement from before we left.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ha long Bay, Vietnam

In northern Vietnam we visited the coastal city of Ha long Bay. We booked a two day one night cruise aboard a traditional junk. Really nice meals were served along the way and we were really pleased with the quality of our cabin. The bay was littered with these really steep limestone island rock formations. We were taken to one that had an enormous cave inside with the usual interestingly textured ceilings and floors from sediment drippings over the years. We also kayaked around the bay. The junk dropped anchor in a beautiful spot in the center of a large grouping of rock formations for the night. There was a floating city out there, mostly made up of fishermen. Ladies would row boats around and try to sell snacks to the tourists aboard the junks.


  1. I really like the looks of Ha Long Bay. Seeing you floating in the water, Eric, I guess the temperature is still pretty warm. Here in the LA area winter has come with temperature highs only in the high 50's on some days. With a nice warm sweater on it's pretty enjoyable. I read they had snow in Tokoyo. Get prepared!

  2. Oops, that last comment was from Mom.

  3. That's a cute little cabin you've got there Ate. Eric, looks like you're thouroughly enjoying the open waters...hehe. Happy Christmas to you both!

  4. This looks so beautiful - what an amazing adventure you're having!